Before Sophie was born, the 6 th District of Budapest, or actually the Andrássy Street, the Hungarian State Opera House and the adjacent Hajós Street and its surroundings were known as the Broadway of Pest. The beautiful and colourful life of arts, culture, entertainment and gastronomy take place here. It was the favoured lebensraum of the greatest figures of Hungarian literature and theatre all day and all night. They drank their morning coffee here, created their masterpieces on the terrace next to a hearty beef stew and lived their free, rousing lives without boundaries.


a fine Dame

By the time Sophie was born, the surroundings became quiet, yet there were pleasant vibrations of traditions and arts, however gastronomy began giving the leading-tone. She was born in the year 2016 in a special constellation next to various restaurants, bars and bistros. A multitude of impulses
have shaped her since her birth and she kept on developing and taking shape, just like a diligent student. Sophie began walking along her path in March 2017 with consciousness to bring experiences to more and more people and offer them entertainment and good mood. Sophie is beautiful, but modest. She has all that is necessary to capture the heart of a fine Dame from the 21 st century. She bears the dynamism and the enlightenment of the Modern Age, but also the virtues of tradition.


the temptation of a fine Dame

She is loveable, because she spreads love. She embraces, offers warmth, a place to sit down, food and drink. She is never in a hurry, she has time to listen to you. She wants to know what you desire.
She gives you what makes you complete, irrespective of the time of the day, the mood, or life-situation.

You can have a chat with her next to a coffee and croissant in the morning, but you can also pay her a visit at noon for a great lunch. You can always find her in a pleasant, or even exalted state when you drop by with your friends. She will always listen to you, she will always please you …she is never obtrusive, she always gives you just as much as you want to take and she always wants you to return.


SOPHIE…the temptation of a fine Dame

Sophie is of Hungarian origin. She is the special exciting and attention-requiring hope of the Hungarian capitol. She has already learned a lot, but she is still developing diligently. She has favourites and masters, but she is basically guided by the gastronomy principles of the French. She adores Hungarian cuisine and she is proud to live here, but she always has daring ideas with classic dishes re-thought and re-implemented. She adores North-Africa and Morocco with the exotic spices and tastes. She always uses fresh and exquisite ingredients and the emphasis is on perfect cooking and eye-catching serving.

She sets the table for a hefty breakfast and a five-course gourmet dinner with the same passion. There are no compromises, only the best is good enough!

Sophie has a dream! A goal which determines here daily routine. This is to spread, familiarise and popularise quality gastronomy with more and more people.

Please come and visit us.