When I was a kid I wanted to be a spaceman and a superhero too, but found my new love in the 1990ies and it became a lasting passion –it still goes on – to the joy of the people around me, my employers and the guests, judging from their feedback.

I have already been at several famous places of domestic gastronomy life. I had the chance to prove my creativity and develop my skills at the Costes, which is a Michelin star restaurant, the Cyrano, the Robinson and the Borsosbisztró. My last job was at the Aria Hotel, where I was in charge of the kitchen.

The biggest inspiration came from the French gastronomy and I received the most monumental impact during the time I spent with Yves Thuries in his two Michelin star restaurant, a Le Grande Écuyer, in the southern French settlement of Cordes-sur- Ciel. The settlement was built in the year
1222 and its name means “rope in the sky”, it is a wonderful place and the time I spent here changed my professional credo for all times.

The cooperation with Sophie proved an excellent space for creating and “giving joy”… My wonderful team and I do not want to change the gastro-world. We think in a simple way “serve the good”. Only those dishes that you would serve your family”

…additional info for the gourmands:
Gábor Ferencz is the winner of the first two Hamburger cooking competitions of the annual “Hamburger Day” gastronomy event. Comment: we can hardly wait to see what he will shine with on Sophie’s menu!