Sophie is of Hungarian origin. She is the special exciting and attention-requiring hope of the Hungarian capitol. She has already learned a lot, but she is still developing diligently. She has
favourites and masters, but she is basically guided by the gastronomy principles of the French. She adores Hungarian cuisine and she is proud to live here, but she always has daring ideas with classic dishes re-thought and re-implemented. She adores North-Africa and Morocco with the exotic spices and tastes. She always uses fresh and exquisite ingredients and the emphasis is on perfect cooking and eye-catching serving.

She sets the table for a hefty breakfast and a five-course gourmet dinner with the same passion. There are no compromises, only the best is good enough!

Sophie has a dream! A goal which determines here daily routine. This is to spread, familiarise and popularise quality gastronomy with more and more people.