Scrambled eggs 1250 HUF

(topping of your choice: mushrooms, ham, cheese, onions)

Hungarian style scrambled eggs 1340 HUF

 Omelette 1290 HUF

(topping of your choice: mushrooms, ham, cheese)

Omelette with smoked salmon 1790 HUF

Truffled omelette 1790 HUF

Fried eggs 1090 HUF

Ham and eggs 1290 HUF

Bacon and eggs 1290 HUF

Fried bread 1340 HUF

Croque Monsieur 1340 HUF

(ham, cheese, béchamel)

Granola 990 HUF

(honey, fruit yogurt, oat flakes, fried fruits)

Waffle 1090 HUF

(fruit, nutella)

Porridge 990 HUF

French pastry selection 1090 HUF

(croissant, pain au chocolat, jam, honey, butter)


We add 10% service charge to the final bill.

Prices are in  HUF and include all taxes.