a fine Dame

Charming, elegant, flavoursome, sensual, enthralling. Always smiling and vibrating. Once you spot her, you will never forget her. She will come to your mind all the time, she will be inside you, never letting you rest. She wakes up with the sun, she is flavoursome like flowers. Every morning she greets you with smile, no matter what season, weather, or how unbearably noisy the everyday-life is. At noon she offers a loud laugh and a bustling atmosphere. In the afternoon she is as calm as hot green tea. In the evening she puts on a fancy dress and bursts into dance.

Sophie, our Sophie… A Beauty, she will put a spell on you as well.

The Sophie Story


When I was a kid I wanted to be a spaceman and a superhero too, but found my new love in the 1990ies and it became a lasting passion –it still goes on – to the joy of the people around me, my employers and the guests, judging from their feedback.




Sophie quickly attracted several promising experts to elevate her life and quality to an even higher level. Cooks, bartenders, waiters and each member of the background staff is a personality. They are active in the life of the Dame both as individuals and as a team.









Sophie’s gastronomy is sophisticated,

Sophie’s wine list is sexy!


– Today a good restaurant is defined by not only its menu, but also the wine list. A well-composed, thematic wine list must be offered with the dishes created in accordance with the latest gastro-trends and the wine regions, vintages and dates must be integral parts of the dishes created
by the chefs to offer special gastronomy experiences. These define the individual style and quality of the restaurant, but also offer the right choice for guests dropping in for a glass of wine. The core is made up of exquisite Hungarian wines, but when the restaurant was opened it was important to include the best wines from all over the world on Sophie’s wine list.


– A unique expert once had a dream and paired the biggest classic hits of cocktail culture with the new-wave cocktail offer created by him to rule the flair in the bar. Ádám Pacher, the mixologist, was not shy when he made plans and preparations … He tempts Ladies, energises Gentlemen, enhances the mood and makes it swing at the proper frequency! Stylish creations and an
outstanding team in the bar!

It goes without saying, we want to cook … erm, sweep you off your feet


– Sophie is a fine Dame. Charming, fresh, odorous. She always shows something new, she can always surprise. Once you tasted the dishes she cooked and carefully served you, you cannot forget the experience. You want to re-live the moment, when she put her spell on you again and again. Sophie offers you just the breakfast you need, she serves a delicious lunch and makes you stay with an exquisite wine dinner. Sophie is a fan of the French cuisine, but she does not forget her Hungarian roots. At the same time she is ready to experiment with the tastes from other regions.


Menu of Sophie

Cold starters

Fermented vegetable salad, mashed green peas, quinoa     1490 HUF     4,9 €

Cauliflower tabbouleh     1890 HUF     6,3 €

Duck foie gras-cognac cherry bonbon, brioche     2890 HUF     9,6 €



Peanut cream soup, smoked trout, green apple coulis     1290 HUF     4,3 €

Goulash soup     1490 HUF     4,9 €

Game consommé – venison fillet, glass noodles, chanterelle mushrooms     2290 HUF     7,6 €


Warm starters

Pancake mille-feuille Hortobágyi style, chicken in paprika sauce, sour cream     1490 HUF     4,9 €

Veal sweetbread, winter root mash, matcha tea espuma     2290 HUF     7,6 €


Main courses

Spaghetti chitarra, pork and lamb ragout, tomatoes, sage     2490 HUF     8,3 €

Piglet French rack, “Peking” pork belly, yellow peas, pak choi     2490 HUF     8,3 €

Yellow beetroot risotto, wasabi     2490 HUF     8,3 €

Chicken breast, pine nuts, cauliflower-variations – romanesco, purple, yellow     3690 HUF     12,3 €

Duck breast, sweet potato velouté, baby beetroot, parsley sand, fondant potatoes     4290 HUF     14,3 €

Lamb shank, cassoulet mousse, sausage chips     4590 HUF     15,3 €

John Dory fish, yellow beetroot risotto, wasabi     5490 HUF     18,3 €

Veal hanger steak, shallots marinated in red wine, parsley espuma, aligot     5990 HUF     19,6 €

Budapest steak sandwich – Denver steak, duck foie gras, porcini mushrooms, green peas     6490 HUF     21,6 €

Chick peas and chick pea cream, onion marmalade, baby carrots, squash, radish, kohlrabi, mizuna     3390 HUF     11,3 €



“Carrot cake” – cream cheese ice, carrot sponge, caramelised carrot, carrot coulis, meringue, kumquat     1990 HUF     6,3 €

Crème brûlée     1990 HUF     6,3 €

Cheesecake, wild fruits     1990 HUF     6,3

Black forest cake     1990 HUF     6,3 €


We add 10% service charge to the final bill.

The Euro prices are for information only.


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A glass of white wine and a fresh baguette with butter in a French guesthouse can offer the same experience as a huge, medium rare steak in the best restaurant of the world served with wine in crystal glasses and a wonderful scenery. SOPHIE adores both!
This is her charm, this is what makes her special. She loves to eat and drink in a five-star ambience, but also in a noisy and crowded bistro. She loves company, she loves to communicate and chat. She is not snobbish, she has a kind word, a playful blink of the eye and a smile. She never boasts, but always surprises.
She draws attention, she stands out of the crowd, but she is never vulgar, even when she is sassy. She is moderate, yet exciting, you can never know what the next visit might bring!